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GUATEMALA - Operation Condor, Jimmy Morales Style

Ilka Oliva Corado

Thursday 7 April 2016, posted by Ilka Oliva Corado

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The fledgling government of Jimmy Morales in Guatemala has named a hunt against young slum dwellers “Plan Condor”.

Promoting collective amnesia is one of the primary objectives of the government of Jimmy Morales in Guatemala, and this is supported by the system and media who are party to this falsehood. Operation Condor – the name alone brings bitter memories to the whole continent: dictatorships, torture, murder, human rights violations, enforced disappearances, rape, genocide.

This government filled with lackeys believes that all Guatemalans are politically illiterate, insolent and lack historical memory, identity and dignity. Just a moment! We will not allow them to disrespect us like that. For those who voted for the continuity of the system, we will see if they dare to take responsibility for the result of that vote.

Coming upon 40 years since that perversity of the Latin American oligarchy and the United States that was Operation/Plan Condor and Sofia Operations Plan in Guatemala, the fledgling government of Jimmy Morales has named a hunt against young slum dwellers “Plan Condor”.

It is an obvious social cleansing, with that particular viciousness of the Guatemalan middle class, bourgeoisie and oligarchy that call marginalized areas “red zones” and call youth gangs “criminal cliques.” Who are really criminals in Guatemala and what social class do they belong to?

To call a social cleansing raid in marginalized areas “Operation Condor” is a mockery of historical memory and the pain of thousands of families. And it is also sends a strong message that clearly says that this government has no intention of working to rebuild the social fabric or to try in court those guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity during the time of internal armed conflict.

We know full well that the bombing on a bus in San Jose Pinula is an act of state terrorism. They should not pretend that all Guatemalans will respond alike and swallow their attempts to terrorize the population so they will not be able to react and question the neoliberal lie that underlies the government.

Clearly they want the youth population, which is the majority of the country, to remember the raids being undertaken under the name of “Operation Condor” as a social cleansing on the outskirts of the capital city, and likewise forget the real Operation Condor that bloodied the continent and the Sofia Operations Plan that still has Guatemala suffering the vestiges of genocide.

That is what they want – for youth and children to have no historical memory of the genocide, no identity. Instead they brutalize the marginalized children that have been denied any opportunity for comprehensive development, forcing them to commit crimes; that is, if they survive famine, poverty and institutionalized violence.

What has all this to do with the death penalty? With the denial law, youth and gender equality? How to deny a law that respects Indigenous peoples? Guatemala has had enough of traitors and profiteers. Guatemala deserves a government of honest people who want to move the country forward away from neoliberal policies and extraction, who seek justice and the elimination of impunity throughout the system.

Guatemala needs a government of people with integrity, social consciousness, with a sense of equity that eat, drink and dream of a homeland for all. But that will not be possible if we as a society continue to allow ourselves to be pushed around and dictated to on how to think and act. If they continue to intimidate us with institutionalized violence, Guatemala will never change and lackeys such as Jimmy Morales will continue, from the seat of power, to bleed this beautiful country and sully its dignity.

The change must happen today, we must wake up today, we must get to work on rebellion today. What are we waiting for? They have done everything to us, what else do they have to do until a people’s revolution transforms Guatemala? Let’s stop once and for all Guatemalan classism, racism and indolence, let us arm ourselves with courage and let’s come together for the good of all, for the good of the the children that are flourishing.

They do not deserve a country like the one we have today. Let’s give them a future that does not bring them any more lackeys trying to change their history, as we have had with Operation Condor, Jimmy Morales style.

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