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LatinNews.com (London)

Since 1967, Latinnews (Latin American Newsletters) has been acknowledged as the foremost source of intelligence on political and economic developments in Latin America and the Caribbean. Read by business executives, the financial services sector, government officials and leading academics alike, Latinnews’ comprehensive range of print and online resources offers subscribers a reliable, accurate and timely source of insight into key events that shape the region.

Latin American Weekly Report – our flagship weekly publication available in both English and Spanish – is widely recognised as the one ‘must read’ publication on developments in the region. Latin American Economy and Business is the most authoritative monthly survey of economic trends and events impacting on the countries of Latin America. It includes influential quarterly economic forecasts. And Latinnews Daily – widely used within the financial services sector and in government and international bodies – provides an invaluable service for those who need to monitor and understand Latin American developments on a daily basis.