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UNITED STATES - The Never Ending Racism in the Land of the Ku Klux Klan

Ilka Oliva Corado

Monday 18 July 2016, posted by Ilka Oliva Corado

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An urgent question arises, what is Obama doing when talking about human rights in Venezuela, and signing interventionist executive actions, when in his country the white police kill afro descendants every day in crimes of racial hatred?

From that point, it is impossible to speak of democracy in the country, a fallacy of the many invented by this interventionist system that should instead deal with its own domestic policy.

Undoubtedly the worst embarrassment to the African descendant community is having a black president akin to capital, who doesn’t represent them with integrity, and with every action denigrates their ancestors and disrespects the future generations.

In a more callous way, Obama sees the murder of afro descendants at the hands of the white police, in obvious cases of racial hatred, and he doesn’t do anything about it, instead he uses his oratory and excellent theatrical dramatization to condole with tears and poetry. It is a total disgrace to African descendant martyrs who gave their lives in the struggle for Civil Rights.

The Ku Klux Klan is more unspoken and freer than ever, because it comes from the bowels of the country’s justice system. The police is only the obvious tool, there is much more in the shadows of the media coverage.

¿Human rights in the United States? Never.

That racial segregation that the United States cannot hide even if he wants is the elephant in the room. It is in the health system, in the education system; it is in the most intimate fibers of society, in the upbringing patterns; in the most banal there too is the racism and hatred immersed. And the obvious, in the justice system that is not impartial when it comes to blacks or undocumented Latinos. And for some years now, also with Muslims who are single out as terrorists, just like that.

The terrorist acts in the United States are performed every day by the police and those torturers, those rapists, those murderers in uniform, who are faithful to the Ku Klux Klan never go to jail, they are never charged, they always are excused by the system and the double standards of the white society that endorse their racial hatred, because they also feel superior by reason of their skin color.

Why doesn’t Obama sign an emergency Executive Action to address the police racial hatred towards the undocumented Latino and Afro descendant community, just as he does to invade democratic countries?

And what about the role of society, why the white masses haven’t come out to demand an end to racial motivated crimes and to denounce the impunity within the system that frees the guilty? Do all lives matter in the United States? No, only the white lives matter. Where is the European community, the Muslim, Asian and Latin American joining the afros’ mass demonstrations demanding justice? Where’s the LGBTI community -that who wept with joy when the law of Equal Marriage was passed, joining the afros demanding respect for life and human rights? Double Standards? Where are the churches, the parishioners who take to the streets when it comes to abortion, where are they now demonstrating for the lives of blacks? Double Standards? Where are the millions of undocumented workers joining the demonstrations? Double Standards? What are we made of? Crap...

The bias with which the local and international mass media coverage has handled the information is evidence of a racism that exists worldwide. I ask where are the presidents of the world who call for an invasion of Venezuela, demanding justice for hate crimes committed in the US and questioning Obama the way they do with Maduro? Why don’t they ask for the resignation of Obama as they do with Maduro? And just as Orlando, France (Charlie Hebdo) Brussels and many more terrorist attacks were so important, why isn’t the lives of African descendants in the United States and the world?

How Hillary Clinton, Biden and Obama dare to ask Maduro to "respect" the human rights of Venezuelans when here at home the police kill afros and undocumented Latino immigrants every day and the perpetrators never go to jail? Double Standards?

This is not about blacks and whites. It has to do with a system’s impunity, with a society who looks the other way, with manipulative leaders, with a media that hides and distorts. It is about our double standards. It is about the silence of all those of us living in the United States, born here or not. It is about leaving to others the responsibility that corresponds to us from our place in society. It is about our indolence when the violence is suffered by another who does not speak our language, doesn’t know about our culture, doesn’t live near our house, who was born in another country, who is of a different skin color.

It is about the inhumanity that corrodes us and makes us identical to those lackeys who by perpetrating hate crimes exercise racial discrimination; we are even guiltier for endorsing racial segregation and injustice with our silence and our passivity.

This also concerns us all inside and outside the United States, because racial hatred exists all over the planet. This should call for a self-assessment of our role in society, and ask ourselves as many times as necessary, how do I practice racism? How do I turn a blind eye to racial segregation? And more importantly, what can I do from my place in society to bring about change? How can I involve myself?

How are our double standards? Is our country also the land of the Ku Klux Klan? How large is the racism in our house, neighborhood, village, community, country? How patriarchal, misogynist, sexist, classist, racist, xenophobic and mind colonized are we?

Our greatest irresponsibility as citizens of the world is to left to others what’s incumbent upon us as individuals, we are part of a whole, because in the end everything in this world goes hand in hand. Do all lives matter? It Depends: gender, color, ethnicity, nationality, social class and level of education, is our watchword in the world. What a level of dehumanization we have!



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