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UNITED STATES - The Good Obama Leaves Office

Ilka Oliva Corado

Wednesday 1 February 2017, posted by Ilka Oliva Corado

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Quite a few people believed that just for being black, Obama would represent a significant change in the domestic and foreign policy of the United States, but the Good Samaritan turned out to be a good for nothing black. A black attuned to the system and as Ku Klux Klan as Hillary Clinton herself and Trump.

There is no point of comparison, neither as a human being nor as a politician between him and Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, yet the good Obama as a good an opportunist as he is, uses them in his speeches, the way he also did with the 50th anniversary of the marches in Selma, Alabama, to appear in the picture as part of a historical memory he does not have. Because under his nose the white policemen murdered blacks, like someone who kills stray dogs. The good Obama set out to build a monument to Martin Luther King to honor him, yet each day he spends as president he makes decisions that would embarrass him.

An interventionist, invader, genocidal; a wasted Nobel Peace Prize. A liar who offered an Integral Immigration Reform, and used as a campaign slogan a phrase of Dolores Huerta (“Yes, we can”), to capture the Latino vote, and in response to that support he was the president who more illegal immigrants have deported in the U.S history, something not even the Republicans have done. Not only that, but also, quietly proceed to the militarization of the borders, from the United States’ southern border down to Honduras, with the Southern Border Plan and Maya-Chortí. He has followed through with the Plan Mérida and implemented the Plan Alliance for Prosperity. Plan Colombia is also in force. However, it will leave without having implemented the FTAA in South America.

The motive? Refresh the Operation Condor in the region. The good Obama, with his destructive machinery and through the US embassies in Latin America, has kept in force the interference and the looting in countries with neoliberal governments. The good neighbor from the north ousted Zelaya in a coup in Honduras, Lugo in Paraguay and Dilma in Brazil. He tried in several occasions the same procedure in Argentina with Cristina, in Ecuador with Correa, in Bolivia with Evo and in Venezuela with Maduro. He had the nerve to sign a decree against Venezuela inviting a military invasion.

He increased the U.S military presence in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Peru and Paraguay, and is now doing so in Argentina with the Macri government. He made an opening to Cuba that served him for the photo-op, (like having gone to pay posthumous tribute to Mandela) because at no time he intended to eliminate the blockade or return Guantanamo, vital actions for a beginning of relations between both countries.

The good Obama leaves his post with invasions and bombings in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Libya. During Bush’s time we were made to memorize the name of Al Qaeda, and they sold us the need to save those countries from terrorism. In Obama’s time we were told about an Islamic state. Just imagine if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, they would tell us without delay that there are terrorists in Venezuela and we must invade in order to save the Venezuelan people from the clutches of dictator Maduro. Of course, you have to wait and see what Trump is coming up with.

For the number of lives truncated in his thirst for invasions, gold and oil, Obama leaves with blood-stained hands. It should not be forgotten that the same thing that Bush did to Saddam Hussein, Obama did to Gaddafi.

Obama has nothing but excellence in oratory, he lacked the guts and humanity to defend the legacy of Martin Luther King, The Black Panthers and Malcolm X. Obama disappointed the memory of the many blacks killed in the United States in hate crimes. He betrayed his own blood, his community, his inheritance and his ancestors. All in all, a good for nothing black. A black fop, who preferred the way of the ungrateful. And as an ungrateful he does not deserve immortality.

Crónicas de una Inquilina

Translated by Marvin Najarro

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