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MEXICO - ‘It’s for Oaxaca’ Fundrasing Campaign

Oaxaca Community Foundation

Wednesday 14 March 2007, posted by Manuela Garza Ascencio

For the past 10 years, Oaxaca Community Foundation has been fully committed to providing relief to Oaxaca’s most marginal groups. Facilitating projects and acting as a catalyst for philanthropy, the Foundation administers charitable funds; pools assets to respond to community needs; supports local programs that assist in the conservation of natural resources; and distributes grants to non-profit organizations. In this way, we find strategic solutions to our community’s most critical needs.

Located in the south-eastern portion of Mexico, the charming, colonial state of Oaxaca, Mexico, was recently taken captive by violent protest, spurred by the state’s condition of extreme poverty. Hostilities mounted into a lengthy and daunting confrontation, bringing tourism- the state’s main source of income, to a screeching halt, and in turn leaving Oaxaca in a position of severe economic emergency.

The recent social uprising and political crisis has shattered the economy of our already destitute state, and has exhausted the scarce resources we once possessed. As the overall economy struggles to recuperate, the most marginal groups of Oaxaca are left defenseless in the face of complete detriment.

For this reason, we extend an urgent plea for your assistance…

To raise the necessary funds, Oaxaca Community Foundation, in partnership with the International Community Foundation (ICF), based in San Diego, CA, invites you to participate in our campaign: “It’s for Oaxaca.” This simultaneous, bi-national campaign aims to raise US $600,000 to benefit 2,000 Oaxacan families over a 2- year period of time, working with grassroots organizations, located in approximately 41 municipalities.

The focus of our campaign is two-fold:

  • Food/Nutrition
  • Micro- credit

70% of the funds raised will be directed toward the food/nutrition component to bring relief to 500 local families per year. We will target families with children from the ages of birth- 7 years, with the goal of assisting a nutritional need that increased in the wake of the civil unrest.

The remaining 30% of the funds will provide micro- credit loans that will benefit 500 families over a period of one year. Our goal is to develop capacity building skills in the areas of strategic planning, accountability, marketing, and communication, to improve the overall productivity of projects, and as a result, reactivate the local economy.

You can participate in this campaign in one or more of the following ways:

  • Make a donation to the “Friends of Oaxaca Fund” at ICF to receive a ---* U.S. tax-deductible receipt.

To make a donation “online”:

Visit www.icfdn.org and click “donate online”

Write a check:
Mail your check to:
Attn: Julieta Mendez
“It’s For Oaxaca” Campaign
International Community Foundation
11300 Sorrento Valley Rd. Suite 115
San Diego, CA 92121

You can also assist us by:

  • Supporting a project: by contacting Jaime Bolaños Cacho Guzmán, General Director, Oaxaca Community Foundation, at:
  • Promoting this campaign with your stakeholders
  • Volunteering your time

We at Oaxaca Community Foundation strive towards an economically robust, healthy, and proactively caring community for the future of Oaxaca. Unite with us in this critical venture. Give the gift that could change a life. Oaxaca awaits your help.


Florentino Audelo Holm, Chairman
Jaime Bolaños Cacho Guzmán, General Director
Oaxaca Community Foundation

The Mission of the Oaxaca Community Foundation:

To promote the participation of society for improving the well being and standard of living for the marginalized and vulnerable groups of the Oaxacan community, through initiatives that generate fundamental and long lasting changes.

Oaxaca Community Foundation
Telephone #: (951) 516- 8065
From US dial: 01152+ area code+ number
Guerrero No. 311-2
Centro Oaxaca, Oax. 68000

The Mission of the International Community Foundation:

The International Community Foundation seeks to increase charitable giving and volunteerism across U.S. borders to benefit overseas communities and non-profit organizations.

International Community Foundation
11300 Sorrento Valley Rd. Suite 115
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 677-2913
Julieta at icfdn.org

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